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Get your Tokyo Auto Salon KL 2023 tickets here and win some great prizes!

Vertex Esports, together with Adrenaline Impact is giving away limited edition prizes when you purchase 2 or more tickets through our link below:

Are you ready to witness the greatest JDM show on Malaysian soil?


What We Do

We love Esports and want to share it with our community, bring value to our clients and entertain our viewers.
Creating and curating the best Esports Leagues to foster brand love, connection and engagement by bridging
brands to the Esport scene where to capitalize and reach new targeted demographics.


broadcast services

We provide professional broadcasting services from our Studio in KL


Event organiser

We organise events in malls, esports centers and corporate spaces


digital marketing solutions

We offer 360 marketing solutions to cater your needs and reach your target audience


metaverse entry

We enable metaverse entry processes to reverse brand aging and tap into the hottest demographic


Our Productions

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Custom Live Studio

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Social Media

160k+ Followers

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Talk To Us

Marketing is at the core of what we do, in every post, every show, every event.

Vertex is an Esports production company that offers top quality broadcast of various Esports titles. We are a team comprising of media production experts with global and local business experience spanning 2 decades.

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